Raspberry Pi, are you there?

On my last order from Spark­Fun I threw a Rasp­ber­ry Pi into the cart to get free ship­ping just final­ly had a chance to get it up and run­ning. The whole process was super easy, just used the info found on their site. ( http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads )

I have not actu­al­ly tried any­thing beyond boot­ing and look­ing around, but the first thing I noticed was silence! I am used to work­ing on desk­tops or lap­tops with scream­ing fans, spin­ning hard dri­ves  and assort­ed click­ing and clank­ing. When I turned of the machine I used to pre­pare the SD card for the Pi, there was com­plete silence and I noticed it almost imme­di­ate­ly. I think I like it, but now all I can hear is my key­board…

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