Image Copyright

If you are tak­ing the time to cre­ate unique images with your cam­era, scan­ner and com­put­er, why not put a copy­right on it? It is very easy to do in Adobe Pho­to­shop or Bridge and these sim­ple instruc­tions will show you how.

Adobe File Info

File Menu
This menu is from Adobe Bridge, which is a heavy duty file brows­er or a light weight image edi­tor, depend­ing on your point of view. The ver­sion used for these instruc­tions is CS3, but the steps are the same up to the cur­rent CS5. Both the Bridge and Pho­to­shop have a menu item named “File Info” under the File Menu. In CS4 and CS5 the menu itself will look dif­fer­ent due to the use of Flash to build the menu itself, but all of the items in the menu should remain the same.This is the start­ing point for adding a copy­right. If you would like to edit a few at a time, the ctrl and shift short cuts for mul­ti­ple selec­tions work.

How to set copyright
While you are here, put a mes­sage about your copy­right in the copy­right notice area and your web­site in the url sec­tion.

These sim­ple but impor­tant steps let every­one who wants to use your image know it is copy­right­ed and how they can get in touch with you to ask per­mis­sion for use. If you are think­ing it would have been nice to know this before, but now you have thou­sands of images to change, check back in the future. I will be writ­ing some quick instruc­tions on how to bulk edit meta­da­ta using some sim­ple code soon.