Antique Radio Update — 3

Here is the cur­rent work­ing ver­sion of the antique radio. I hooked togeth­er the Net­duino, Spark­fun MP3 Play­er and all of the but­tons, switch­es and lights and placed them in the case.

It is now up and run­ning in the liv­ing room and seems to be oper­at­ing with no issues. At some point in the future I need to put in a real speak­er, with an amp, and replace the poten­tiome­ter to make a work­ing vol­ume knob. But, as with most projects, once it works it sits until I get around to it!


I believe that is every­thing. My code con­tains some stuff for a vol­ume con­trol, com­ment­ed out, and I am sure there bet­ter ways to do some of it. Any sug­ges­tions are of course wel­come! There are ton of resources online and over­all it was a fun project and I am look­ing for­ward to find­ing anoth­er one soon.


Antique Radio Update — 2

I now have the MP3 play­er hooked up to the Net­duino and all of the switch­es appear to be work­ing. The poten­tiome­ter was shot and the rest of them did not func­tion much bet­ter. I will need to look into get­ting replace­ments.

Luck­i­ly I was able to find some code on the Net­duino forums and the heavy lift­ing of get­ting the Net­duino to com­mu­ni­cate with the VS1053b over SPI was already com­plet­ed. They are a great resource, check them out if you have any ques­tions.

Code from the Net­duino Forum for the VS1053b (Thanks hanz­ibal!) I made some tweaks to a few areas for it to work in my project. I will put every­thing in the next and final (for now) post.

Now to try to put every­thing into the case and make it look bet­ter for the liv­ing room.